New Look NFL schedule

New Look NFL Schedule

            As the NFL season approaches the one agreed upon opinion is that preseason does not need to be four games long and that we’d all like to see a longer regular season. So, with talks becoming more and more serious about an upcoming schedule change this is how I would propose you do it.


            Let’s First off start talking about offseason scheduling. I think this will stay the same for the most part in that, you continue to have your July minicamps and OTA’s. Followed by more time for inter squad scrimmages as well as combined scrimmages to make up for the fact that you don’t have a preseason game. However, I am still in favor of just one preseason game, that should be for strictly 3rd and 4th string players. This game should take place at the end of July or the beginning of August right before the regular season starts.


            Now as for the season, I think the NFL should adopt a CFL model with a 20-week schedule that has each team playing 18 games along with two bye weeks. I would have each team with one bye week from week four to nine, then have the second round of bye weeks from 11 to 17. That way you can spread out the season in a favorable fashion for teams that may have to travel internationally, because if you have two bye weeks you can schedule them for a London game going into or coming out of that bye week.


            Now as for how you add those two extra games I think there are a few ways to do that. One would be to make whoever the two one off division opponents a home and away series. Another way to fill that gap is to add another team from the other two divisions in a team’s respective conference that they aren’t playing all off. This would allow you to have two more conference games on the schedule and could help in head to head tiebreakers that could decide playoff seedings. A third option would be to add two more games from the opposing conference. Instead of just playing four games against one division you could add two more teams from another division or an extra team from two other divisions. Me personally I would like to see two more teams added from the in-conference schedule to allow for a clearer picture of how a team can make the playoffs.


            Whichever way you’d like to add games I think we can all agree that the NFL schedule does not need to have four pre-season games and that a regular season that goes from August to December is what we all need. But hey at least football is back…HOORAY!