My2SpenceWorth – Spring Football

Why Spring Football will Never Succeed 


With the Alliance of American Football recently announcing that they will suspend all operations this brings another Spring football experiment to an end. Unable to complete one whole year the AAF only got about half way through the season, before the suspension was announced. If you’re asking yourself, why don’t these spring leagues have more success, I think it’s a pretty simple answer


Let’s talk about timing which is where the main issue lies. Why anybody would want to launch a new football season outside the NFL right after the Super Bowl is beyond me. That is the emotional culmination of the best Football league in the world, so why would you throw another leagues opening weekend right after that. Fans, reporters, players, everybody is burned out once the Super Bowl ends.


Not to mention the timing of other competitions that have a deeper history and already has a ton of fan interest. Right out of the gate you’ll be competing against March Madness, which due to bracket predicting competitions has more fan interaction than any new football league. After that you jump into NBA and NHL playoffs, as well as fighting off the Masters tournament during your season. Also, with the schedule that the AAF was using their playoffs would have been the same time as the Stanley Cup Finals and the NBA finals, do you really think people aren’t going to watch that to watch your glorified developmental football league.


          It’s time for someone to realize that if you want a new football league played outdoors to succeed you need to play it during the summer. Start your season in June, that way just the start of your season will be competing with the NBA and NHL finals. Then Once you get into late June and July you’ll just be competing with MLB and MLS. Take nothing away from those organizations but at that point fans would have been without football for four months and there isn’t a lot of other distractions going on. That way you can have your season lead right into the new NFL season and if any players were to get called up then Fans would already have an idea on who these players are.


Spring football is a nice idea but with the world of sports calendar as it is during that time it’s just not a reliable option. Should the NFL want to have a developmental league, which I do think would be a good idea, they need to look at the Summer as the optimal time to start that next step.